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Though a relatively new coffee shop in Moldova, Tucano Coffee had tremendous success among the young crowd and the reputation of one of the best places in town. Despite the great feedback they received from clients, the brand was loosely present on social media. They aimed to bring the offline success to the online world.


To convert a successful offline promotion that was running in Tucano into an online contest.


We chose one of the most engaging Tucano promotions ”Coffee for a Kiss” which encouraged clients to post pics of them kissing in exchange for a cup of coffee. Besides reinforcing its positioning (slogan “Love. Peace. Coffee.”), the contest brought people from offline to online and then to the coffee shop.

How it worked?

Facebok users, both Tucano fans and non-fans, were asked to upload original and creative photos of themselves kissing their significant ones.

A branded platform to collect and exhibit these photos was created, so that participants could vote for their favorite pics and share them with friends.

The top 10 most-voted photos received prizes from Tucano, which they had to redeem at the coffee shop.


The main channel we used for promotion was the brand’s Facebook page which received a tremendous growth stimulated by ads and promoted posts.

An additional channel was Tucano’s website and the coffee shop itself that featured ads of the running campaign.


The contest “Coffee for a Kiss” brought together 246 participants that received support from over 13453 fans. Over 4889 people mentioned the brand in their comments during less than a month.

The campaign had unexpectedly good results and increased Tucano Coffee’s number of Facebook fans by 1560 in only 3 weeks. Also, the coffee shop experienced an increase in the number of customers during the promotion time.

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