Fool’s Day Prank by Purcari

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Purcari – the leading Moldovan winery with a history of over 185 years – made a habit of delighting and impressing its fans on numerous occasions. So, when this year, Purcari decided to organize its first ever Fool’s Day Prank, one knew it had to be something unprecedented and with a tremendous viral potential.

While 1st of April is basically a competition among the most renowned companies – ingenuity and perfect execution were paramount in making the Purcari brand noted. To get everyone talking about the winery we launched a news article about Purcari disrupting Russian space mission and shipping wines to NASA on a mirror-website of the famous The rest is history…

How it worked?

The success of the prank relied heavily on making the news as believable as possible. And what’s a more recognized and trustworthy channel than Bloommberg… pardon – Bloomberg! We prepared a mirror-copy of the website and spiced everything up with “historical” photos of cosmonauts consuming Purcari wines in space as well as a detailed press release, sent to Moldovan and Romanian journalists.

Our aim was to entertain and get our message across, not to trick people, so after clicking on any link of the website visitors got a “You’ve been pranked” message. As soon as they understood it’s a joke, Purcari encouraged them to Share the news on twitter of Facebook. The Shares grew increasing the campaign’s virality.

Fool’s Day Prank by Purcari


During 24 hours, with no paid promotion, the Purcari-Bloomberg “news” page gathered >17 ooo unique visitors.
Over 30 online media websites from Romania and Moldova, including Adevă,,, , published the news.

More than 300 000 people from Romania, Moldova, UK, US and Germany were reached through Facebook, Twitter & Reddit. On the 1st of April, the Purcari prank became #2 trending topic on Reddit Europe.

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