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Being the most well-known and old Chateau of Eastern Europe, Purcari Winery aimed to reinforce its positioning as a top luxury wine brand on an international level and to raise awareness across two strategic markets – Moldova and Romania. Purcari wanted to come with an unprecedented strategy for social media, so those who appreciate its wine would forever fall in love with the brand.


To elaborate and launch an engaging strategy that would allow fans to closely interact with Purcari Winery.


Besides emphasizing the opulence and luxury of Chateau Purcari, we planned to show a new perspective of the brand, by making it more approachable to facebook fans and maximizing the opportunity for conversation. Secondly, we revealed another facet of Purcari brand, namely the Chateau, which we promoted as a leading touristic attraction.

How it worked?

In order to stimulate the fans’ interaction with the page we posted user generated content – mainly Instagram photos of Chateau Purcari and of its wines – and rewarded the key influencers each month.

To encourage a two-way communication we created the “Letters to Purcari” facebook contest which persuaded consumers to share the reasons why they loved the brand. Their text messages were integrated in a letter-like, individualized frame and were appraised by the Purcari fan community.

Another contest, “Love is in the air”, aimed to establish a connection between the fan’s lifestyle and Purcari philosophy. We decided to associate the brand with special, solemn occasions in our consumer’s life, like St. Valentines Day, by asking them to send their most romantic couple photos.


The main channel we used was Facebook, and though the page had a very healthy organic growth, we used ads and promoted posts in order to dramatically increase the reach during contests and to assure our most popular posts were seen by a large auditory of both fans and non-fans.

Instagram was used as a channel for both collecting photos and engaging with fans.



In a 6 months time, the new communication strategy generated 26 057 total interactions: 500 shares, 21 074 likes, and most importantly, a growth of over 8000 fans all over the world. The 225 unique posts were viewed by over 50000 people from such countries like Moldova, Romania, Italy, Ukraine and others.

Reality changes. Purcari stays Purcari. Since 1827.

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