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Most Moldovan consumers still pay for their bills and purchases with cash. Paynet is an easy way to make online payments that’s both more convenient and more secure. Customers also get exclusive discounts, bonuses and rewards when using the service. Paynet is part of a group of companies focused on delivering the best financial services to different service providers around the world.


Paynet contracted Granat with the challenge to create a unique brand for the local market that would help consumers understand its benefits. The client wanted to become the first and only “one card/ID” for all shopping, gaining over 100,000 customers in 1 year and over 300,000 customers in 3 years. In order to achieve these goals, Paynet needed to announce that PayNET EXTRA is available in Moldova and generate a buzz effect in Chișinău, and subsequently in the entire country. The campaign also had to inform about the availability of the system in 500+ outlets throughout the country and the benefits and potential earnings of using it.


Granat has developed a visual identity for Paynet, starting with the logo. The logo successfully combines the Paynet initial and a symbolic representation of a comet, alluding to the speed of the service.
Speed is one of the many benefits of using Paynet. Some of the others are usability, efficiency and convenience. To encapsulate the benefits, we’ve created personalized slogans for Romanian, Russian and English, suggesting the service as a priority over other methods of shopping and payment.
We’ve provided Paynet with a full brandbook and package of visuals that consist of fonts, covers, business cards, internal document templates (headers, envelopes, company forms, signatures), icons and roll-ups.


Logo meaning

Logo with slogans


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