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Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunication operators with more than 2.6 million users in Moldova. As a part of its winter campaign, Orange Moldova, in collaboration with Publicis Moldova, wanted to focus on digital and integrate their main message ”enjoy the kid inside you” in an engaging and creative way on social media.


Christmas is that time of the year when everything is possible and every wish comes true. And the best part of this period is that we can feel like children again, enjoying every blissful moment to the fullest, starting with the first snow and the first Orange surprise. We wanted to make the impossible possible through a video platform.


We created a special website www.copiluldintine.md and launched a video contest that asked users to reveal the kid inside them by singing Christmas songs and retelling holiday poems.

How it worked?

This is the way the magic happened: the users could record a small video and upload it on www.copiluldintine.md website. They also were able to invite their friends to vote, share, or comment on the videos.

The biggest surprise of the contest was that the most voted and the most creative videos could win an iPhone 6, because Santa Claus spreads happiness and joy through Orange.

In order to spread the main contest idea we wanted to create a small ”challenge” on Facebook. Every participant could nominate three of their friends to reveal the kid inside them by recording a video. If all three friends accepted the challenge then the initiator was winning a small prize.

Bucura copilul din tine. Orange Moldova
The main channel was the web platform www.copiluldintine.md and Orange Moldova Facebook page. Here we boosted the campaign with atmosphere posts and shared the most interesting videos that entered the contest. The campaign was announced through special posts on other social media platforms as Instagram, Odnoklassniki.ru, Google+, Twitter and additional web banners.
Bucura copilul din tine. Orange Moldova


At the contest were registered more than 80 videos and a total number of 14 566 votes.
On Facebook, this campaign gained about 80 000 people reach.

The web platform was visited by 30 000 users and 14 566 votes were gained.

Among all the videos received, the best parts were cut and put together so the final version was presented as a Christmas video card.

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