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Moldova Holiday is the organization that represents the national touristic brand of the Republic of Moldova. In November 2014, the company got a new brandbook and design for its logo. All details were thoroughly thought through, inspired from ethno symbols and Moldova’s cultural heritage.

Together with a new ‘face’ the brand needed a significant boost to its brand recognition and brand awareness. The aim was to promote Moldova as an authentic tourist destination with rich traditions and history, and their website as the fundamental source for information about traveling to and in Moldova.


Establish and grow a solid online community, raise interest and interaction rate of fans through special campaigns, built around national festivities and celebrations.

How it worked

Throughout a three months scope, we designed a series of interactive, informative and curios posts about Moldova: “Discover the routes of life” Facebook page, which created a real-time dialog with the online community, increased brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Our special projects included the 1st of March Mărțișor campaign, which encouraged Moldovans all around the world to change their Cover Photo, and promote our beautiful tradition. Another project included a series of articles, about expats from Moldova, who attended national festivals, visited famous places from Moldova, tasted and learned how to bake traditional food. All three articles were published on various international entertainment and travel blogs, to ensure the reach of a larger public.

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In three months, the online community of Moldova: “Discover the routes of life” raised by 135%.

We noticed a considerable growth in the number of foreign fans from Spain (by 70%), Canada (by 65%), Germany, Great Britain, US and France (each by 60%), Italy and Romania (each by 50%). The number of local fans doubled.

The fan interaction rate went up by 500%.

Our content was published on Bored Panda, ireportCNN, travel blogs, local online news channels and disseminated by Facebook influencers. Overall, the campaign got over 800,000 unique views.

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