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Mobias Banca is one of the leading banks of Moldova, owned by the European financial services group – Societe Generale. Along with the bank’s creative agency, Publicis Moldova, we had to find a way to promote a newly launched service – Personalized credit & debit card design.

To create buzz around this new service, we built an online application – “My Card” – that allowed anyone to create his/her own, fully customized card design. Also, in order to promote the app, we launched an online contest through which we awarded the best designs.

How it worked

Any potential or current customer could upload his own photo or choose one from the picture gallery. Once selected, a picture could be cropped, zoomed and the users could insert their name on the card. When the card was ready, the users had a choice to save the design and share the result with his/her Facebook friends, thus increasing the campaign’s virality.

To encourage people to use this tool, we launched a 2 months contest that allowed users to vote for the preferred design or accumulate votes from their Facebook friends. Every week, the most popular design won a free Mobias Banca card, turning fans into loyal clients.

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The “My card” application from Mobias Banca ran for 9 consecutive weeks and accumulated over 21,000 views on Facebook.

The app’s reach was mostly organic, being the result of the almost 1000 Shares on Facebook. About 500 cards were created during the contest, receiving a total of 6550 votes.

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