METRO Cash & Carry moldova

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METRO Cash & Carry is a division of METRO Group, one of the trade leaders on a global scale.


We developed a 3 months promotion strategy, a webpage that enables form submissions for a Metro card in just 2 minutes, the concept and strategy for a TV spot and we also maintained a social media placement campaign during these 3 months.


The main promotion platforms we used are: the Metro Cash and Carry Moldova Facebook page, boost posts on, YouTube pre-roll and online banners on Google and on the most popular web platforms in Moldova.

Together with Metro Cash and Carry we decided to combine the online with the offline marketing: TV spot, Radio spot and billboards.


The most important result was the 26,000+ online and offline registrations for the Metro card, the objective set at the start of the campaign. The online banners and Facebook posts were shared hundreds of times obtaining a high reach and raising the brand’s awareness.
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