Martini, one of the most renowned liquor brands, asked us to assist them in creating a local community of engaged fans and raise awareness of their latest international campaign “Luck is an Attitude”. Martini was looking for a young, active and ambitious crowd with whom they could share their „lucky” philosophy.


Engage with fans through a contest that would reinforce the „Luck is an attitude” idea.


We decided to explore a new social tool – Instagram – by launching the Martini Instagram Contest and motivate a community of trendy, smart and young people to share, through photos, what really stands behind the authentic ”lucky attitude”.

How it worked

During a 3 week contest participants were encouraged to post their photos on Instagram using the

Channels we used

A full branded background page and a concept banner on one of the most popular lifestyle websites in Moldova –

Instagram was used as a channel for both collecting photos and engaging with fans. The contest was backed up by an intensive promo campaign on Facebook that helped us reach a large number of people through ads and promoted posts.

Blank image


The contest generated more than 180 unique photos with the

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