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Shopping MallDova is one of the largest malls in Chișinău – a place where you can have fun, shop and enjoy delicious food.

This year, on St. Valentine`s Day, Shopping MallDova decided to focus on digital communication and engage with its customers in a creative and ”lovable” way. One of the main goals was to spread the romantic mood on social networks, bring visitors in stores and inform everyone about the events that were going to happen on this special day.


Granat and Casa Imago decided to play Cupid, hunting all the cute couples on Facebook and asking them to share their love and feelings for each other.


We decided to create a special app ”Mall in Love” that allowed lovers to create their own virtual Valentine`s day postcards and share „their love” on social networks.

How it worked

In order to create the postcard, users had to upload their photo in the application, insert emoticons and write a short greeting for their beloved one. As 14 of February is time to spread the joy of love, the participants were encouraged to share this postcard on their own timeline.

The biggest surprise of this campaign was that all the postcards that participated in the contest, were printed and displayed in Shopping MallDova. Also, the participants who gained 14 likes (because it was 14th of February 😉) could win a dinner for two at one of the finest restaurants. The winner was chosen in random order, because finding love is a totally random thing.

Channels We Used

The main platform we used was Shopping MallDova`s Facebook page. The campaign was boosted by additional ads, promo posts and was announced on Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki. Being a part of the Brand’s main campaign it was also featured on their website and on special flyers given in the mall.

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The contest resulted in more than 100 participants who created their own postcard. Also, the campaign gained about 30 000 impressions on social media tools and more than 300 shares. More than 800 votes were gained at the contest and about 200 visitors came to pick up their postcards.

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