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After redesigning its label, Bere Chisinau decided to promote the country-wide popular Chisinau beer to a new target group – the trendsetters, aged 18-30. The brand decided to emphasize the place it was born, namely Moldova, and position its product not only as an alcoholic beverage, but also as a drink that is made with passion and Moldavian spirit.


We decided to tell the story of a group of young travelers, who embarked on a cross-Europe journey to show the world the ”Heart of Moldova”.


A group of 7 friends recorded their journey in Europe, having a can of Chisinau beer with them- the symbol of the capital of Moldova. After the videos were launched, we promoted it on social networks, creating buzz and excitement around their adventure and generating a fair amount of free online PR.

We wanted to emphasize the journey’s greatest moments – how the Moldavians interacted with the foreigners, telling them about their homeland and serving them with Chisinau Beer.

How it worked

We created a special, non-branded landing page,, on which the 3 videos were consecutively placed.

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This landing page was promoted through banners that were placed on the most popular sites in Moldova.
The videos were distributed on the official Bere Chisinau Facebook page.


So far three videos were created.

Part of the Inima Moldovei campaign, gathered over 40 000 views.

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