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Conect is a well-known electronics chain store in Moldova and innovation has been its strong point for a while – one can always find the newest gadgets in its shops. Conect’s creative agency, Publicis Moldova, asked us to find a way to involve teenagers, the target audience that engages actively in the online environment and is keen to discover the trendiest devices.


To stir up the teenager’s interest, we decided to build an online application – “Rupe BAC’u” – that addressed the issue of preparation for baccalaureate, the most important exam for the 12th graders. Through a funny quiz, we “predicted” their results on the test day and recommended gadgets that would help them improve their performance.

How it worked

After completing the quiz with 10 funny questions, which were randomly chosen from a larger question bank, the teens got a customized diploma with their result. The diploma was easily sharable on Facebook, encouraging the participants to spread the word, thus helping the application gain organic reach. We also placed several PR articles on the local media websites to increase the campaign’s credibility.

Regardless of their skills and knowledge the participants were asked to leave their contact information in order to participate in the tombola for a chance to win the newest ASUS Zenfone.

Along the way, the store’s special offers, that would ease the students’ further preparation for the exam, were displayed. All the offers were linked directly to Conect’s website in order to stimulate online traffic and product purchase.

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The “Rupe BAC’u” app ran for one month and accumulated over 100,000 views on Facebook as well as over 7,000 views on local media websites. There were over 1,200 Facebook users who decided to participate in the contest. The application was shared hundreds of times obtaining a high reach among the gadget lovers and raising the brand’s awareness.
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