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CDG – the German Diagnostic Center- is one of the leading clinics in Moldova, having the most modern Siemens equipment as well as the most experienced staff. CDG wanted to communicate their leading position to the online environment; enhance and monetize their relationship with actual and potential customers on Facebook.


Motivate Facebook fans to engage online with the CDG brand and become the center’s offline clients.


We decided to create a Facebook application that would assess the fans’ health and based on the results would suggest using the center’s preventive screening service – the Health Check Express. In this way we tried to raise awareness of the importance of regular whole-body investigations and position CDG as the leading center to provide complex tests.

How it worked

The Facebook Fans were encouraged to pass the online test in order to determine their level of health. The test contained a set of 10 basic questions regarding lifestyle, chronical and family diseases.

On the completion, according to the test’s results, the participant received an individualized score. Also, the participants were encouraged to leave their contacts in order to be called by the representatives of CDG.

Finally, the participants were reached by the call center representatives, who scheduled their visits to the German Diagnostic Center.

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The application was amplified by an intensive promo campaign on Facebook that helped us reach a large number of people through promoted posts.


In the first 2 weeks since the app's launch, we had over 880 Facebook fans complete the survey, out of which over 120 participants filled in their contacts. The application yielded the fan base with 20% and increased the total page reach of to 65000 people per week.
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