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Bere Chișinău, the best-selling beer in Moldova and one of the leading Efes Beverage Group’s brands, decided to launch a new product – non-alcoholic beer. Due to the fact that this product addressed a new auditory, the Brewery planned to increase the number of their online community.


Engage with the Facebook fans who drive, through a special platform dedicated to cars.


We created a Facebook platform “The beer of Good drivers” that enabled our fans to post photos of their beloved car and compete for great prizes. The new product was associated with safety by encouraging drivers to opt for non-alcoholic beer when behind the wheel, and by partnering with an insurance company.

How it worked

During the contest participants posted photos of their car on a special Facebook platform along with a short description of their beloved vehicle.

The photos accumulated likes, comments and shares and the most popular ones were rewarded by indispensable prizes for the target audience – non-alcoholic beer packs, gadgets and car insurance packages.

The contest’s main purpose was to create an association between non-alcoholic beer and safe-driving.

Channels we used.

The campaign’s only communication channel was Facebook. We used tailor-made targeting to reach our key audience- men from Moldova, with an average age of 30 years, who listed „Cars”, „Vehicles”, „Automobiles”, etc. among their interests. The campaign was enhanced by ads and promoted posts.

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Bere Chișinău’s number of fans grew by 87%, making it the largest percentage growth on its Facebook page till date.

The contest recorded over 5.731 interactions from users who shared, commented or voted for the photos. The big winner accumulated an incredible number of 1300 votes. The auto-theme proved to be an engaging one.

In fact, it was so engaging and social that the largest news site in Moldova, Unimedia, as well as 2 top bloggers have promoted the campaign pro-bono.

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