We DO Awesome Things

Granat crafts digital awesomeness for over 5 years. Our 360 view provides a personalized creative solution that solves your unique needs. Take a look at our services to discover how Granat’s awesome approach can help your company.

Digital Media

We create digital experiences for brands increasing awareness, demand and leads. If you want to save time and money by focusing on efficient online marketing we will help you track digital activities and interpret your data in order to take better decisions based on real numbers. At Granat, we reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.


We take visual communication seriously and love creating remarkable identities. Since your customers can not touch your products, we create strong and catchy visual experiences that perform. We specialize in powerful and effective user-centered design which is mobile-friendly and embraces emerging trends.


We offer solutions and bring projects to life for a variety of clients across different industries, building rich, interactive applications or clean and effective websites. Our skilled technologists have the know-how to bring strategy to life, working closely with the client through each step of the creative development process.

Our Process
  • Goals & Research

    Firstly we define the goal, to make sure that we provide the perfect focused blend of services. We investigate your project, learn about consumers, making sure we fully understand your target market as a foundation.

  • Strategy & Insight

    We define the approach for our creative and strategic output always searching for different angles and new perspectives. Once the strategy is approved, we have the green light to create.

  • Planning & Design

    We plan every project in meticulous detail ensuring it runs on time and within budget. At this stage our creative team develops visuals for all deliverables, such as digital, branding, strategy, or advertising materials.

  • Delivering & Reporting

    Once we have launched the project, we monitor the impact. We gather relevant project achievements and ensure that you will receive a comprehensive summary of campaign progress and results.

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